Measures to Increase Awareness of the Matangaji Village Community of COVID-19 Preventive through the Making and Distribution of APD

    Dein Iftitah, Haryudi Haryudi,


Measures to increase awareness of the village community in COVID-19 preventive still need to be done because the village community still considers the corona virus not as a threat, awareness public too low in implementation health protocols such as the use of masks and social distancing and the lack of personal protective equipment owned by the community. The socialization carried out by the government in implementation the rules for COVID-19 preventive in the community, such as washing hands properly, using proper masks and social distancing through social media, is still being ignored by the community, so it is necessary to do counseling and training on the manufacture and distribution of APD as a implementation COVID-19 preventive in village communities. This community service aims to provide education about the dangers or threats of COVID-19 so that it is hoped that it can raise awareness of the village community and increase understanding of COVID-19 preventive. Community service activities were carried out on 10 August 2020 - 10 September 2020 in Matangaji Village, Sumber District. The methods used were the manufacture and distribution of personal protective equipment such as hand sanitizers, masks and spraying disinfectants as well as socializing the prevention of COVID-19 by placing posters and distributing APD directly to the village community. The results obtained were that 50 liters of handsanitizer were distributed in the Matangaji Village community, spraying assistance was carried out in public places that were visited by many people Matangaji Village and the distribution of 500 masks which were distributed to Matangaji Village residents. After socialization through the distribution of APD and the installation of posters in several public places such as schools, village halls and places that are frequently visited, the people of Matangaji Village understand  how to preventive COVID-19 and the village community is alert to the dangers of COVID-19 so they want to implemented health protocols.

Keywords: covid-19, upaya pencegahan, pembuatan dan distribusi APD
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