Strategi Corporate Social Responsibility PT Pertamina (Persero)

    Vondre Ladasha Dewanto,


The welfare of society is very important to pay attention to, especially by the state. Because it affects the quality of human resources. One of the things that affect the welfare of the community is government regulations that give authority to the community. Indonesia, as a country of law, regulates the welfare of its people through economic actors, namely, by involving business people in carrying out their obligations to carry out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to create sustainability for the environment and society. However, in its implementation, CSR programs carried out by various companies have obstacles and become obstacles to implementing these programs properly. Pertamina is one of the largest oil and gas industry companies in Indonesia that has CSR programs, namely, the Pertamina Sehati program, the Pertamina Village program, and the Pertamina Scholarship program. The discussion of this paper produced  findings, Pertamina is one of the oil and gas industry companies in Indonesia that implements CSR programs well and has an element of reciprocity in the community.

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