Business Planning as a Compass for Beginner Entrepreneurs

    Pandapotan Sitompul, Miska Irani Tarigan, Elvin Susanto Telaumbanua,


The background of writing this community service and CSR activity is the importance of a business plan for novice entrepreneurs in starting the business they are engaged in as a guide in running a business. The problem in this research is how is a simple, good and correct business plan for novice entrepreneurs? The purpose of this community service and CSR activity is to provide strengthening of knowledge and skills in terms of simple, good and correct business planning to novice entrepreneurs. The participants of this workshop were 20 students of the Catholic University of Santo Thomas who had graduated from the Entrepreneurship course and were interested in becoming novice entrepreneurs. The method used in this training is the workshop method. This workshop activity is funded from CSR funds of business companies operating in North Sumatra Province. The result of this training activity is the production of business proposals for budding entrepreneurs that can be directly implemented in the business world.

Keywords: Beginner Entrepreneur, CSR, Business Plan
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