Making Fashion Products From Abaca Fiber In Pandemic Times

    Kayla Thalusya Sandhiasti, Sabrina Ilma Sakina,


North Sulawesi is one of the regions in Indonesia with abundant natural resources, one of them being the banana trees. The fiber of this tree is often used to make one of the components for their traditional houses and other everyday crafts, including their indigenous fabric called Kofo. However, throughout the years, the existence of this fabric has decreased because of the limited craftsman and its intricate process in making it. Because of that, the abaca fibers are not well used. The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected many aspects, especially in the economic area. This phenomenon has limited our daily activities. However, it also opens up opportunities to collaborate and be creative with various parties from home. This project is a collaboration between multiple parties, the craft students from ITB have become a bridge between the craftsmen from different regions in Indonesia who produce the products and the local business that distributed them. The result is fashion products made from abaca fibers in a modern and high-end approach. To conclude, this report aims to encourage people to produce craft products using abaca fibers during pandemic times.

Keywords: Abaca Fiber, Collaboration, Pandemic, Craftsmen
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