Training of Digital Literacy and Positive Content Production for Youth Ba'abussalam Mosque, Cibaduyut Indah Park, Bandung Regency

    Catur Nugroho,


Information and communication technology is currently experiencing rapid development, where almost everyone has internet access through a smart mobile device (smartphone). Various issues such as disinformation, hoaxes, misuse of personal data, cyberbullying, violent content, and pornography are considered as problems in the current digital society. Digital literacy is related to the ability to find and consume digital content, create or produce digital content, and communicate digital content. This paper uses a qualitative method and a case study approach. This community service activity was carried out in May 2019 at the Ba'abussalam mosque. Through this community service activity, knowledge and skills are provided regarding the use of technology and digital media, as well as the production of positive digital media content. This community service program aims to provide knowledge, insight, and skills for the youth of the Ba'abussalam Mosque in Cibaduyut Indah Park, Bandung Regency in utilizing digital media as a positive and effective learning tool. Literacy training and workshops on digital content production are provided so that the younger generation in Bandung Regency can flood digital media, especially social media with positive and creative content. From the implementation of this community service, after receiving training, the youth of the Ba'abussalam mosque can help and provide their knowledge and experience regarding the use of digital media and skills in producing positive content for children, families, and other youth.

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